Berlin, Germany

Making Small for Big.

BioCHIP Berlin focuses on technologies and applications of microfluidic platforms, fabrication techniques, system integration and emerging applications for life sciences.

Demonstrate expertise, see device up and running, and establish new contacts, the forum will provide companies engaged in development on/and the use of microsystems a meeting place to discuss their most recent developments in microfluidics, showcase the state-of-the-art fabrication methods, manufacturing trends and innovative process techniques.

Vertical and Sector Focus

BioCHIP Berlin 2024 - 4th International Forum on Biochips and Microfabrication

Features Special Track on Microfluidics & Nanotechnology  →


Microfluidic Systems

  • Microfluidic chips and devices.
  • Microfluidic-based microphysiological systems.
  • Biosensors.
  • Imaging and analysis solutions.
  • Systems integration, workflow automation.
  • Instruments, reagents, and consumables.


  • Emerging fabrication techniques and processes for microfluidics, sensors, and MEMS devices.
  • 3D microfabrication, 3D printing.
  • Microfabrication equipment.
  • New materials.
  • Simulation and design automation for microfluidics.
  • Assembly, testing and packaging.
  • Prototyping, development and volume manufacturing.
  • Custom design and fabrication services.